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Meeting Dates

Unless stated otherwise, all Parish Council meetings are at the Village Hall, Committee Room starting at 7.00 p.m.

  • Tuesday 25th February 2020 

Meeting Dates 2020
Tuesday          28th January 2020
Tuesday          25th February 2020
Tuesday          28th April 2019 (APM)
Tuesday          12th May 2020 (APCM)
Tuesday          23rd June 2020
Tuesday          28th July 2020
Tuesday          8th September 2020
Tuesday          20th October 2020
Tuesday          1st December 2020

From January meetings will commence at 7:00pm

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Warwickshire Community & Voluntary Action

At October’s Parish Council meeting, Fiona Anderson, Rural Capacity Officer, Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action updated on a pilot project aimed at reducing social isolation within the rural areas of Warwick District. The organisation can offer help to groups and charities however small.  They had a comprehensive list of resources on their website and were able to meet with groups to offer advice and support on a number of issues including funding, group support and volunteering.Their website can be found at:www.wcava.org.uk

One of the things that the parish council raised was transport issues.  Below is the website for Warwickshire Rural Community Council's “Back & 4th service”.



The Weston Under Wetherley Parish Council represents the local community, delivering services to meet local needs, and improving quality of life and community well being. The village of Weston Under Wetherley runs for about a mile along the B4453 Rugby Road between the villages of Cubbington and Princethorpe.


Building on its agricultural heritage, Weston was chosen in 1856 as the site for the Warwickshire Reformatory School for boys - the history of which was recounted in 1964 by a one time resident of the village, Derek Smith (now deceased). He wrote in his degree dissertation of the actions of Lord Leigh, and notably Lord Palmerston, in Parliament in the 1850's to bring about changes in the treatment of young offenders.  Their 'Young Offenders Act' of 1854 aimed to replace deterrence and retribution (largely through prison sentences) with reformation and restoration to a useful place in society.


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